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Scott Spencer
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Great customer service, great quality in the chair (Eames Lounge / Ottoman replica). Very happy with my purchase.

Rebecca Bradley
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The customer service was very professional! Responded quickly and were very helpful! Bought an Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman - very pleased with the quality! It came quickly! Thanks again!

Derek McEwen
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I was contemplating ordering the lounge and ottoman after shopping around on a number of sites. The customer service via chat and email was top notch, and I am very happy I decided to go ahead with my purchase. Customer service was prompt and helpful, and it shipped two weeks earlier than planned which was an added bonus. The pieces arrived in great shape, well packaged, and the quality of both the wood and leather is as promised. Highly recommend, and am so happy to have this piece in my home.

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About FPlus Lounge Chair


  1. Cushions are removable
  2. Chair features 360-degree swivel
  3. Chair features fixed 15-degree tilt
  4. Die-cast aluminum braces and base
  5. This item is shipped fully assembled
  6. Aniline leather is 100% real leather imported from Italy
  7. Upholstered in your choice of Top Grain, Aniline, Vintage, and Cowhide Leather
  8. Braided thread used with Lockstitch (stitch type #301) ensures piping stays in place and seams are long lasting
  9. Injected Cushions are constructed of Dacron-wrapped multi-density CA-167. This results in an extremely comfortable chair with the highest level of durability
  10. Plywood veneer is FAS American Timber. FAS certified means that they are the best cuts from the log with minimal knots. These are sourced exclusively from the USA, Canadian and Brazilian companies

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FPlus Lounge Chair

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Reviews of Eames Lounge Chair Replicas for Sale

Before you buy replica of Eames lounge chair you should read some reviews. Read it carefully to and choose the right one for you. Its very important to read many user reviews.

Replica vs Real Chair

Real Eames chair cost up to $7000 while replicas are from $500 to $1200 and that is a big difference in the price. However, there are not much difference in the quality. Replicas of Eames chair are made with the same materials. So when you buy an original chair you are paying for the designers signature. Not sure if that is worth to pay additional $5000-$6000.

Chair Dimensions

On the image below you can see dimensions of replica chair you can buy online.

Information About Eames Lounge Chair

The majority of people would likely concur the Eames collaboration was a prosperous in addition to victorious just one, planning many of the most iconic pieces of basic custom furniture – not really a collaboration within style, but also in his or her private lifestyles also.

This pair (Charles and Ray Eames) especially loved refining plywood in addition to would likely bend in addition to mildew this material into beautiful curved forms, which in turn formed the foundation for many of the basic custom furniture efforts. Probably the most well-loved in addition to identified furniture duo, your Eames Lounge chair replica in addition to Ottoman was finally introduced within 1956 after several style re-workings. This custom match were being recognized because of their careful in addition to pedantic focus on detail.

Relive the Classic Pizzazz with Mid-century Modern Furniture Pieces

There really is no alternative to great furniture design and that is the reason why mid-century modern furniture pieces continue to grow in popularity as years pass by. These pieces are like wine… gets better with age. If you are looking to re-decorate your house to mix a bit of classic with contemporary, then Charles and Ray Eames and Eero Saarinen might just have designed the perfect furniture pieces for you over 40 years ago.

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Eames Chairs – One-of-a-kind Mid-century Modern Design

Charles and Ray Eames were well-known for their creative bent of mind and interest in experimentation with unique materials and techniques. The dynamic duo left behind a body of work that has truly stood the test of time and Charles & Ray Eames replica is easily available today online at affordable prices. Some of the pieces that you can add to your home or office interior are:

Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman: There is no substitute for classic style and this iconic lounge offers just that. This comfortable piece has deeply upholstered cushions in semi aniline leather and exudes a timeless style and design. The matching ottoman is just perfect for putting your legs up and get the much-deserved rest after you are back home from work. Place it in the living room or bedroom.

Short Back Ribbed Office Chair: This chair is from the Aluminum Group Chair designed by the couple and is one of the greatest furniture designs of the 20th century. This high back, thin pad executive chair is created to offer optimum comfort and style at workplace. Available in a wide array of colors.

Man chair

All my husband really wants to do is watch cricket. And there is a lot of it about at the moment. But he can not really watch cricket whenever he wants to because we only have one telly and whenever he puts the cricket on – whether or not the kids are watching some programme of their own – the kids will scream NOT BORING CRICKET DADDY and pelt him with plastic fire engines and colouring books and shoes until he turns CBeebies on and they then slump in front of the telly in their pants with dazed expressions until teatime.

So I am making one corner of Giles office into a cricket corner with an extra telly (unheard of for such rank intellectual snobs as my husband us) specifically for watching the cricket on. But what to do about a chair? I have absolutely had it with trying to find good sofas and the armchairs I have seen… I dunno I kind of think they are just not right.

My husband s telly-watching position is stretched out with his hands behind his head, feet up, newspaper balanced on his knee, cup of tea on the go somewhere. The armchairs and sofas I have seen are more for formal sitting or my kind of telly-watching, which is all scrunched-up, knees-bent.

Cozy Lounge Chair for Your Living Room – Womb Chair

A request from Florence Knoll: “a chair that was like a basket full of pillows-something she could really curl up in.” and then, a mid-century classic chair Womb Chair was created.

This chair, designed by Eero Saarinen. Like its name, womb chair supports countless positions and provides a comforting sense of security. It is not only a classic furniture but also a cozy chair for your living room.

With its polished chrome base and a frame upholstered in fabric over a fiberglass shell, Eero Saarinen breaks molds and sets new standards for modern design.

The Quality Of Office Seating Is Essential

There are few things in the office that are more important than a good quality chair. It is estimated that at least 80% of the time spent by the average office worker is spent seated at their desk or workstation. This can lead to a number of different problems caused by poor quality seating.

One of the most common complaints is a stiff back, neck pain or even wrist pain associated with stretching due to an incorrect chair height.

The Eames office chair was designed in the first instance to address these complaints. It was designed to be comfortable yet also functional at giving the right support in the right areas.

The Eames chair has been seen in various forms over the years. The whole range features chairs for use both indoors and outdoors. One of the most successful though has most certainly been the office chair due to their combination of functionality and dashing good looks.

The Eames office chair is famous for its sleek lines and timeless design. Some designs are years old, yet still look brand new! It is strange to think that their contemporary design is often generations old!

Charles and Ray Eames were the original designers. They designed the chair for a private residence for Eero Saarinen and Alex Girard. The designs have now lived on and are infamous for their style and comfort.

The Eames office chair was first designed to address the long seating-hours of office workers. As it can be home to the worker for up to 8 hours of solid seating, it has been designed to be incredibly comfortable. Its comfort is down to the relieving of pressure points. The Eames chair is also designed to offer additional support to the lower back. This also helps to stop poor posture with the positive side effect of eliminating back pain and neck strain.

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